Friday, June 18, 2010

Connections and Reconnections

Rather than lament the state of affairs at home, as I'm wont to do on far too many occasions, I want to rather toss off a shorter and lighter post tonight. I'm musing tonight after I had a chance, this afternoon, to chat for a bit with an acquaintance who's maybe needing to be moved into the "friend" column. but I'm getting a bit ahead of myself.

One of the things I had mistakenly thought, when I started this journey, was that I wouldn't meet another like me this side of Memphis at least. but that's turning out not to be the case. I've found enough brothers and sisters to begin to understand that there are more of us about than I was aware, albeit most keeping a lot lower profile. Without even going into speculation on places like Corinth or Tupelo or Oxford (I know of a few, I'm sure there are several others I don't) I've become aware that even in this little town, there are at least 3 others and possibly more. and that's not counting the woman I mentioned last time.

My conversation this afternoon was with another person that I'd thought perhaps was trans based on "her" appearance when I'd seen her in passing at town. (I'm using the female pronoun because I'm not sure as yet which she prefers) but there had never been an occasion when it seemed appropriate to try to connect on our common ground. I very much enjoyed the chance to make that connection or at least begin it this afternoon. I hope that it's the start of a lasting friendship.

After all, us deviants have to support each other, right?

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